Dark Souls–Prepare to Cry Edition

Summer has started for the students of the world, or at least Nebraska. I’m no starting to sit down and try some of the games I’ve been wanting to try. What did I start out with? Dark Souls….

First I’d like to thank some of Twitch’s streamers/users. I’ve followed the streamer rainyemz for a while. I’m actually a moderator of her channel. Amarainyemz playing Battle Royale in H1Z1zing woman, great streamer, and the chat is extremely entertaining for the degenerates of the internet. I mean that in the nicest way possible. One of those users occupying the chat today decided to enter a contest, but didn’t know what the prize was. He was nice enough to pass that prize to me, as my roommate and friend have been pressuring me to try Dark Souls. So to the two of them, thank you. rainyemz for running the contest, and Nopanic95 for being gracious enough to pass it along.

That being said, I’ve only spent one hour in the game and I have to wonder… did Nopanic95 do it to torture me? Also… what kind of man do I live with to want to push me through this torture of this game!

All kidding aside, let’s talk about the game. This game is somewhat old. Dark darksoulsprepareSouls was released September 22, 2011. It is out on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. It was nominated for VGX Award for Best RPG, Satellite Award for Outstanding Role Playing Game and a number of other awards. You can see some highlights from Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 all over Twitch and Hitbox, as well as some YouTube videos.

The basic concept of the game is to simple. Collect souls, as an undead who escaped an asylum for the undead, upgrade your equipment and win in massive battles against things that are 500 times your size. The gameplay is rewarding, or so it can be if you believe the streamers accomplishments might translate into your own. I’ve spent an hour in it, and I fall victim to two skeletons. Being almost 5:30 in the morning when I’m playing this, I decided to quit there before I got really annoyed and punched a hole in my television. Anger issues? Probably. At least I’m aware of it enough to not wake my roommate…. the twisted one who pushed me to try this game most. Open-mouthed smile

So? Even in an hour, am I swearing off the game? No. I’m taking a clue from others. This game is meant to be played in manageable time slots. You don’t want to push through this game. The accomplishments wont happen, because you’ll end up so angry that you’ll want to split a smurf in half… don’t ask. I look forward to streaming it myself when it isn’t so early/late in the morning and I have another game to fall back on when I do get angry and need a break. I’ll keep the blog in mind and capture some video, screenshots and photo the damage to my controller/TV.

What games get you so annoyed that you have to take a break? What do you do on those breaks? Leave a comment!