Life gets in the way of Video Games

Video games are a nice escape, except when you’re not really looking to escape. I’ve got a large backlog of video games to play including older games that were released years ago. Bioshock comes to mind, replaying Mass Effect to get through all three games would also be nice, and the Halo series.

Recently I just beat the story-line of Elder Scrolls Online. I enjoyed the story-line and want to get into more of the PVP. Imperial City just launched and they’re already looking at a PvE DLC too which I might consider. I want to get somewhat into housing.

Guild Wars 2 is launching Heart of Thorns and it should include some Guild Halls stuff, which would be great for like a housing situation.

ArcheAge has a housing method that I’m interested in. This seems cool to me to be able to have an MMO with housing that is accessible to the world, farming and all. It puts an interesting spin on games that I feel were lacking.

I also want to create my own game. This isn’t the first time that I said it, and it wont be the last either, but it’s still there. I just need artists and programmers would help as well. I’m focusing on Unreal Engine for the platform, but with school and a part-time internship, it gets hard to even get out of bed motivated.