Streaming some games?!

Greetings all, it is I! Demortes! Or so I last checked.

Anyway, I wanted to post a quick note about what I’m up to gaming wise. I’m streaming! I actually stream through Twitch, Mixxer and Smashcast! Demortes on each of those. I also try to cultivate a community of up and coming streamers and people I just generally like to troll. Keep an eye out here, and you may find a few friends to join.

So what am I streaming? I’ve done some Elder Scrolls Online (including the new Morrowind DLC), Banished, ARK and even bought and played Overwatch! I have an editor working on some videos…. once I can find a way to send 60GB for free….

Anyway, LINK TIME! (Primary)

I’m attempting to gather materials for YouTube as well! Tweet @demortes if you have suggestions, comments or if you just want to say hi!

See you around,


P.S. I am making my own twitch bot, but hopefully within Mixer as well, I have custom sounds! Come scare the crap out of me!

P.S.S. While gaming is probably the biggest thing in my life, it is not the only thing in my life. Follow my “other” blog if you want to know my politics, programming rants, or just more about me!