About Play the Game

Play the Game was originally created to expand upon the EVE Online universe. As Demortes left EVE Online and went into other worlds of video gaming (EVE Online was not his first and obviously is not his last game), the blog expanded with him.

Demortes intends to make Play the Game (PtG) a blog about gaming by a gamer. This will include game reviews, awesome moments within games, thoughts about where games are going and some of the technology behind the games and how they’re made.

If you’d like to publish something on PtG email Demortes at [email protected] and discuss your idea or submit your article. Credit will be given, of course.

Note: Any and all submissions become property of Demortes to do with as he pleases. While no infringement of rights will be intended and will be addressed, you agree that you are not infringing on any other persons rights by submitting to PtG.